Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2022

Find out the best web hosting for your WordPress site! Learn the pros and cons of every web hosting company in this video!

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1. Siteground (0:31)
2. Bluehost (1:42)
3. GO Daddy (2:40)
4. A2 Hosting (3:07)
5. Host Gator (3:50)
6. WP Engine (4:21)
7. Inmotion (4:50)
8. Hostinger (5:02)
9. Dreamhost (6:15)
10. The Winner (6:28)

How to setup up your WordPress Website in 4 Minutes:








Tools I recommend:
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Helium 10:
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33 thoughts on “Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2022

  1. Very surprised to see InMotion. I did everything they said and even paid for backups and when my SITES hosted by them crashed they basically shrugged and walked away from me. Turns out the backups they were making were malwared as well – as long before crash as 6 months. what a waste of my life and years and years of effort. I was paying extra for security I never got.

  2. Very nice video, thanks for the explanation!. I have a question: what's your recommendation for a hosting package for the following service: Setting up several websites with different domains with WordPress. Websites might be e-commerce, a simple website, etc. Thank you once more!

  3. Great video, also correct me if I'm wrong but using your affiliate links doesn't actually give me a discount since this "discount" is already provided by SiteGround? At least that's what it looks like. Still a good video just a little misleading on discounting.

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  6. VEhost suspended my website because of Me being a JAB-ACTIVIST who teaches the true dangers associated with the Toxic American Synthetic Genetic Experiment which had falsely being referred to as a so called Covid-19 vaccine. VEhost is no different from the conspirators who had being killing our misinformed people with fake information while hiding the injured, the crippled, the disabled and the dead from being exposed. Thank you for trying to silence the truth VHost.

  7. None of the hosts you talked about are good. A webhost with lightspeed server are very good, and fast. You can use Litespeed cache plugin and have a really fast website. Bluehost? Please!

  8. SSL certificates are free. Just make a Cloudflare account and make that your websites DNS. It's more secure and also fater as a large part of the internet uses their DNS services. FYI it's completely free.

  9. Really enjoyed this video! Thanks Travis. This made things much clearer. Any thoughts on HostArmada web hosting? Just that someone recommended it. Thanks again.

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