35 thoughts on “Where to Buy Your Domain? Best Domain Name Registrars 2021

  1. wow thank you for this info godady is the worst i just got a domain from them and i only wanted it for 1 year and they gave me it for $1 & its saying its going to be 200 next year i dont even need their domain next year

  2. Wow, this is likely point-by-point exactly the same as Craylor Made's video. I mean the order of the web hosts were shuffled around but the exact same points were made for both.

  3. Some of the below links are affiliate links, if you click and make a purchase, we may earn a small commission at no cost to you.—very sad you might be lying to make money but you might be talking truth

  4. If I already bought my domain off of Shopify does that mean everyone in the world can’t steal my brand name or no? Because I just bought my domain off of Shopify I don’t know if I did the right thing

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