How to Setup a Godaddy Domain Name on Siteground Hosting Account

This video will show how to setup a GoDaddy domain name on SiteGround hosting. Get your SiteGround deal here:

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These steps will show you how to change your Godaddy domain nameservers (DNS) to point to your Siteground hosting account. Once you complete the setup steps you will connect your domain name to SiteGround so you can install WordPress.

Log into GoDaddy and click on ‘my account’
Find the domain name you would like to point and click on DNS
Scroll down to ‘nameservers’ and select custom DNS
Log into your Siteground hosting account and access your Cpanel
In the top left corner find your account information
Copy the ‘nameserver ‘1 and paste in Godaddy domain manager
Repeat for ‘nameserver 2’ and click save


9 thoughts on “How to Setup a Godaddy Domain Name on Siteground Hosting Account

  1. I have a start up plan and only one website i cannot use add on domain becoz it is limited to 1 will my domain point automatically to site ground?

  2. Thanks for the very helpful video. Sorry I know it sounds very nooby but I would like to ask that, when you set the domain name and after you install the WordPress on Siteground, is the website going to show everything I'm working on? Is it possible to let the WordPress show something temporarily on the website address while I'm working on it in the background? And then publish the finalised version later? I just don't want possible visitors be able to visit and see what I'm currently doing while the website is not ready. Cheers,

  3. Hi, I changed these settings but it messed up my Office 365 emails. I wanted to keep my office 365 emails through Go Daddy and only host the site on Siteground. All my emails are bouncing now. What can I do to resolve this? Thanks

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