10 thoughts on “UNM hosting traditional medicine health fair

  1. Dean is either dumb or lieing.APS and that shot food Scott serves our kids and illiterate math 15 years now.Do you know I am a Chef.Cooked in Mexico Central America.I do not serve frozen poison to anyone.I could take that food budget create South valley farming use flour fruits sauces scratch cooking at a fraction of the poison Scott serves.Create a local economy.And have plenty of money left over for Tech AI and math that Scott either is trashing on purpose Latino majority Albuquerque or Scott does not care.Which is it Scott?

  2. UNM sucks vaccine mandates for people without Covid and then what?They donate to Trump and Ronchetti then students environment. UNM phizer Gates mandated shit.Then holistic healing.I will never spend a dime for my 10 to go there.University of Bipolar New Mexico.America don't drink the Water.

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