Hosting FrostBite Godzilla Giveaway! | Kaiju Universe Roblox

Hosting FrostBite Godzilla Giveaway! | Kaiju Universe Roblox

Step 1:Subscribe And Like This Video
Step 2:Comment Below Your Roblox Username
Step 3:Wait This Weekend For Winner!

My Roblox Group:!/about

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Hello FriendsI Am Game By Halil I Love Playing Kaiju Universe And Other Kaiju Games I Share With You The Places I Have Fun While Playing The Game. Subscribe To My Channel For More New Fun Videos Every Day. WITH LOVE.

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33 thoughts on “Hosting FrostBite Godzilla Giveaway! | Kaiju Universe Roblox

  1. username:yourun159719
    i did subscribe and like! 🙂 i wish i win i never had that kaiju and i cant even afford it 😔 and i rlly like frostbite cause its op too.

  2. xXxAstonGamerxXx: This giveaway will be exciting! thank you for all your support, I really want to give frostbite code because he really wants frostbite.

  3. Username: mynameislongbirthday
    Your content is amazing and I find myself watching it when I’m bored, keep up the great work and even if I don’t win then that’s okay, I’m happy for anyone that has won.

  4. Diet_lo1 is my user and I’ve been wanting frostbite for so long he’s really cool and has nice model and will get remodel I hope I win I love him and good luck to everyone.

  5. Username: kingkaiju20
    Im really glad u are doing a frostbite giveaway because I never seen anyone do a frostbite giveaway anyways keep up the good work and Good luck to everyone😉

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