How to get FREE domain? Free domain PROS & CONS

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Domain’s are not an infinite resource. A domain name represents a unique place on the internet, which means no one else is having that place except YOU. Promising that you can get any .COM or .SHOP without paying anything, yeah, that’s a bit of a LIE. So in this video I’ll show you how to work around this restriction and give you a few options to choose from if you’re in search of a free domain.

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0:00 Free domains are not reliable
0:32 Why it’s hard to get a FREE domain
2:06 FREE subdomain
2:32 Hosting + FREE domain
3:25 SUPER CHEAP domain name
4:23 How to get a free domain name

While you theoretically can get a free country coded domain name from freenom or dot tk websites I wouldn’t recommend choosing this option. Here are a couple of ways of getting a legit domain name:

✔️#1 Get A Free Subdomain
Many website builders offer this option for free. You also can get free hosting and easily build your website on the same platform. Wix, 000webhost are great options for this. Of course your domain won’t be very pretty but it’s a great option for beginners or someone who just wants to test things out.

✔️#2 Buy Hosting With a Free domain name
If you need a domain name chances are you are just creating your website. Many web hosting providers actually include a free domain name when you buy their plans. It’s a great choice for someone who’s just starting their business online, everything you need is in one place. Just don’t forget that you don’t own the domain name, you’re only renting it for a certain period and you’ll need to renew your purchase after a certain time frame.

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✔️#3 Get A SUPER Cheap Domain Name
Finally, domain names are not THAT expensive. You can even get a domain from GoDaddy for $1 for the first year. Another great option is NameCheap, they include domain privacy for a lifetime. This option is not truly “free” but buying a cheap product is always better than getting a free one because you can be certain that you actually own or atleast rent the domain and it’s not registered on somebody else’s name.

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Anyways, you can’t really get a free domain name without sacrificing something. I hope I made a few things clearer and gave you an appealing option.

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18 thoughts on “How to get FREE domain? Free domain PROS & CONS

  1. Man, I got a domain off of freenom (it expired, I didn’t use the website anymore) that was 2 years ago and it worked insanely well and lasted the whole year.

  2. you can claim those domians easier with out wasting your time or changing the domian name just make an freenom account, (IT NEEDS MUCH INFO SADLY BUT WORTH IT)

  3. well explained, Dear Cyber news, can you explain about Free Mavicsoft Netfy Domains, How much its useful for launching a blogging site? Waiting for another nice video from your channel 👍 👍

  4. Freenom SCAM! Had it for a year. After a year, they suddenly offered for everyone to buy it for 8.22€. After I asked why is it like that, they DELETED my account a minute that I posted ticket. And all that without any response.

    Freenom, don’t even try to get free one because they are SCAM and falce advertysing.

    Freenom = SCAM

  5. What a bunch of misinformation, nothing wrong with .tk addresses they've been around since the early internet as a FREE domain name option and apparently nothing has changed. Why are you calling this ''illegitimate'' lmao
    WordPress i would argue is less legitimate than .tk as wordpress domains are more analogous to geocities / angelfire addresses lol

  6. Can you plz explain if I use the free
    domain what types of info they will get from me like is it dangerous bcz I have no problem if it's not that important info

  7. Wow that's names you explain it really better to my understanding thanks a lot…u didn't mention if domain names are renewable or permanent please let me know thank you.

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