Set Up Website Hosting in Under 15 Minutes!

In this tutorial, Mark will show you how to setup your website hosting, create your new e-mail accounts and install WordPress. Get started by registering with Bluehost:

If you’re ready to take the next step and start building a website or blog, you’ll need to choose a great theme. We use the X Theme by ThemeCo for our own site and we highly recommend it. Mark has a few videos about X that will help you get started.

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36 thoughts on “Set Up Website Hosting in Under 15 Minutes!

  1. I'm confused. I purchased domain name from go daddy so I don't need a domain name but I need a website but do i need both word press and bluehost or just one of those? I'm not sure the next step. This website is for my acting career.

  2. Hi Mark. I just set up with Bluehost and I'm wondering how to change the Hello,… that appears when I click on the view credentials. I edited the profile, but that did not change the "Hello,…" Thanks! I hope I didn't mess something up changing the profile name as there was a – followed by a bunch of letters and numbers that I deleted. Yikes.

  3. Hi! I love your vids and have learned so much. This site bluehost is a bit of a ripoff as the inro price is for a month it seems, then it goes up to $8.99. I get that you want a commission, but there are others out there that are a better deal where you could still get a decent affiliate program with that was not such a burn, don't you think? I am a long time sub of yours. Love your macpro info. <3<3Cara.

  4. This is awesome thank you guys for all the help! may I ask is there a particular reason why you use chrome as you're web browser to set up an design websites or is it just personal preference or is it something that you would recommend as a must over Safari

  5. I use the "sister" company Hostgator, part of the same family using the same data center as Bluehost I believe. I make full use of my domain, vital for my business and brand, not only use WordPress but other tools such as SugarCRM CE, email marketing and so on. Don't forget that if you run a website for your business you can include this in your tax return under "other expenses" (in the US at least).

  6. Thank you, Mark, clear & concise as usual. Please consider doing a class on security, SSL certificates, etc. Best to David (and you) from your long-term student from PCO days onto TTA.

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