Beginners Guide to building a Life Domain Cleric in D&D 5e

This video is designed to help new players build a Life Domain Cleric in D&D 5e. we take you through all the options, important choices, spells, and features that will get you from character creation up to 5th level.

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0:00 – Sponsor
1:19 – Intro
3:22 – What’s The Fantasy
4:28 – Ability Scores
6:43 – Choosing Your Race
8:15 – Skills & Background
9:51 – Calculate Hit Points
10:18 – Calculate Saving Throws
11:07 – Equipment
12:36 – Calculating Armour Class
12:56 – Subclass
13:11 – 1st Level Features
14:09 – Spellcasting
20:33 – Selecting Spells
22:21 – Level 2
24:53 – Level 3
27:14 – Level 4
29:08 – Level 5
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21 thoughts on “Beginners Guide to building a Life Domain Cleric in D&D 5e

  1. My favorite low lvl cleric.
    Tashas halfbreed
    Vicous mockery and slivery barbs
    Fey touched misty step and hex.
    Have hex Vicous mockery and hex at lvl1 let's u shut down the treat pretty much indefinitely until they die and if u get in trouble poof away 30ft or if ur buddies are in trouble healing word them back up
    With point buy u get a 18 wis at lvl1 which is good. Haveing lower then tht feels bad.

  2. When I was learning about D&D, I found your videos to be among the most insightful ones out of them all. It helped me get understand the game so much better.

    I'm so glad you're going back to these more "basic" levels for beginners. You're helping the community a ton with these.

  3. Life Domain Cleric multiclasses well with Druid. You get to add the healing spell bonus from Disciple of Life to Goodberry and Healing Spirit, both spells that can heal multiple times with one spell slot. This combo gets really busted when you cast healing spirit at a higher level than its base.

    I rarely go full Life Cleric but I use it for a one-level dip just because the Disciple of Life feature can benefit spells from other classes.

  4. Kelly and Monty, I love your videos. They've been a huge help for me, both as a DM and player. Please consider making a video about designing naval campaigns. I'm working on one now, and I'd love your tips on how to handle naval combat, travel and exploration at sea, underwater combat, etc. Thanks!

  5. spare the dying sucks unless you're a grave cleric who can use it as a bonus action at range. for a life cleric buy a healers kit. both spare the dying and the healers kit are actions and require you to touch the creature to stabilize them. this leaves you an extra cantrip slot so you can take both toll the dead and sacred flame so if you come up against something resistant to one damage type you can switch to the other cantrip and still do damage.

  6. When I first started playing the biggest hang up on magic was the term “spell slot”. Because I’m any video game rpg a spell slot is like how many spells you can equip like dark souls. So it took me a lot of reading to understand that it meant how many uses of spells you have.

  7. He may not be a Life Cleric but I have a High Elf with Light Cleric and Divine Soul Sorcerer
    This guy is just as effective with healing as a Life Cleric
    Using some Meta Magic options to heal 2 party members with a Twin Spell Cure Wounds is nice or in the event of he can get in touch range, Distant Spell will potentially save someone

  8. I’m playing a water genasi monk of astral self and life domain cleric by the name of Typhoon Snakebitten. My session zero made me realize that as a monk alone by myself I was absolutely chaotic and random and prayed that night thanking whatever protected me. Selunne showed herself in a dream telling me like water I could be gentle or fierce so from that day forward Typhoon has been grateful and always offers prays and thanks should he seek guidance or received good news/help believing Selunne is still guiding him. Once astral self was unlocked his astral arms are a representation of his missing master who took him in as a child and often act out what he’s really thinking. When he’s calm and happy they come off as calm water in the shape of his mentor’s arms. When he’s pissed or in battle they take a torrential whiplike appearance

  9. Although Clerics are decent overall, my one big complaint about them in 5e is that their attack cantrips are all "save or suck" spells. Unfortunately that means that, short of being an Arcana Domain Cleric, or being a PC with a background that grants access to attack roll-based cantrips, attack roll-based cantrips are at a significant premium for this class.

    As to why (I think) that matters: Once the PC hits mid tier 2 play (around PC level 6 or 7, onward), "save or suck" cantrips tend to fall off in efficacy due to higher CR monsters having better and better stats overall. And while Wisdom-based saves are not all that common within the game, resistance to both Radiant and Necrotic damage does become more and more prevalent at those higher levels.

    For that reason alone, if feats are allowed in-game, Magic Initiate Druid is a feat worth definitely considering for low-level Clerics. In specific, Shillelagh, Magic Stone, Produce Flame, and Primal Savagery are all fairly decent attack cantrips for Wisdom-based casters, with Shillelagh and Magic Stone being the two front-runners. (Both Acid and Fire damage tends to be more heavily resisted, once the PC hits tier 2 and beyond, notwithstanding creatures that have immunity to those types.)

    Going this route also grants access to Goodberry, which is an exceptional spell for any Life Domain Cleric. 40 HP worth of out-of-combat healing, along with negating the need for rations, is no joke for exploration purposes.

  10. Some advice for a Life Domain Cleric from an experienced player:
    1. Your Channel Divinity comes back on a short rest, so make sure you use it every short rest if you can. If someone goes down or gets really low on hit points, using Channel Divinity before a leveled spell slot is often the best move. Remember that you can't bring someone over half their maximum hit points with this, so if you have a combat-light day of adventure this may not be necessary.
    2. You have heavy armor, a shield, and access to the spell Shield of Faith (level 1, bonus action, concentration – 10 minutes, +2 to AC). At low levels, it is easy to get a 20 AC, which will be very difficult for many enemies to hit consistently. On top of that, you are always within range of your own healing spells and Channel Divinity, so you can mend your wounds if you take a nastry critical hit. You can feel free to get up-close-and-personal with those kobolds, goblins and bandits that you often encounter at low levels of play. At higher levels, you are better off staying off the front lines for the first few rounds so you don't take an alpha strike (i.e. a lot of powerful attacks) in the opening of a fight.
    3. Bless and Spiritual Guardians are powerful, but they aren't always the right answer for your concentration. If you have a party member that likes to grapple, they will LOVE it if you cast Enhance Ability on them using Bull's Strength. Silence can put enemy spellcasters in the awkward situation of either needing to relocate from the safety of their backline or be useless. Talk to your party and devise strategies in advance.
    4. As a Cleric, often the best thing you can do with your action is to Dodge. This is especially true if you have Spiritual Weapon out already, as you only use your bonus action to command it. Remember that you can take the dodge action by standing in front of another party member (like your Wizard that is under attack by enemy archers) and raising your shield, providing that party member with half cover — a welcome +2 bonus to their AC. This becomes especially true at higher levels, where cantrip damage is pitiful and enemies hit really hard; making it much harder to get through your already-great AC can be the wisest move when facing two Balgura demons intent on grinding you into holy paste with their combined SIX ATTACKS per round.
    5. PREPARE RITUAL SPELLS. You can ritually cast any spell you have prepared that has the ritual tag; doing so takes 10 minutes plus the spell's casting time but doesn't consume a spell slot. This can be AMAZINGLY valuable with spells like Detect Magic and other similar Divination spells that are primarily used during exploration. If you don't have other spellcasters with these really powerful ritual spells, be sure to prepare them yourself. Ritual Magic can be game-changing!

  11. One my fave builds to work with is the 3 level Druid/Sorc + 17 level Cleric

    in life you want to build circle of dreams or land and for sorc the divine or dragon.
    Depending on style.
    Land+Life: More spell options up to 2nd level
    Dreams+Life: few crossing over spells but some spells very good, also a heal that doesnt cost spell slots.
    Sorc (Both) Cure wounds is now cheap and cost effective. esp at level 17. for one 5th spell slot you can heal an ally 3 times a day.
    Sorc Dragon+Life: Empowered your defence and gives some damage options.
    Sorc Divine+Life: Favored by gods is good on life for when you need it

    If building melee run
    Sun Monk or Devotion/Redemption Paladin

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