47 thoughts on “Hosting Guests At SDR Kicked Our Butts! New Living Spot

  1. Gooooooooood morning Jason and Danielle you guys where great Hostess you do need to make longer videos for real so you know I watched to the end love 💞💞 you two love 💕 from Ohio Irene and god bless

  2. Sweet chat. Get something special to drink since you missed out on the video. Make longer videos. But, whatever you put out is much appreciated. Gonna get my coffee on now in sunny California.

  3. Yes, everyone needs a brake to relax, my girls and I are going to Disney World for the third time on the 15th, is this Friday we go on vacation somewhere every year. So work, work but play too. I enjoy you all videos.

  4. Make longer videos! I would watch you all day. Prayers that you get a call from the well company! Hugs and love to you three. Be careful and take time for yourselves. Blessings

  5. Yes!’ “Make longer videos!!!” Love the new camper site- looking forward to watching the tiny house development inside— the videos of the weekend with Matty & Preston was a super charge!!! Watching made me want to be there!! 🤣🤣🤣 “ I ATE SOME DIRT” 💜

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