Ben Gabler Interview ( – WordPress Hosting, Cloudflare Enterprise, Core Web Vitals

Ben Gabler talks about’s platform, Cloudflare Enterprise, core web vitals, and common questions about their WordPress hosting.

0:00 Intro
0:27 “Fastest WordPress hosting” and evolution of
06:21 Cloudflare Enterprise and TTFB
08:05 Specs and optimizing WooCommerce
11:37 How important is choosing a data center close to visitors?
13:05 Building’s data centers near Cloudflare’s
14:45 Why’s Cloudflare Enterprise is different
20:28 Why you don’t need to configure Cloudflare’s dashboard
21:14 PHP workers
23:11 Bandwidth
25:10 Benchmarking metrics when switching hosts
26:09 Monthly visits and biggest competitors
29:47 Support and team
33:44 Affiliate program
37:44 Growth, hiring, talent
40:25 Getting started on & dashboard tweaks
44:13 Closing


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