Hosting Visitors on the Homestead Part 2

Part 2 of Jen’s parents visiting the Homestead. Audrey was a tough boss, giving Tom orders of where to drop the gravel for our next projects foundation. And Tom helps Jason build the future Blueberry Garden bed.
Jason and Tom build the new generator shed and Jason gets sick and has to hit the road.
Watch till the end for a slideshow of Tom and Audrey’s visit.

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3 thoughts on “Hosting Visitors on the Homestead Part 2

  1. Hi guys, looks like your parents n in laws had a good time.
    Isn’t family wonderful ❤️?
    May I ask why you didn’t use brown roofing
    To kinda sorta go with the shed it’s sitting by? 😬
    I guess it don’t matter but just the way I think I guess
    It being so close to each other, it would have looked nicer
    No disrespect, just asking 🙂
    May God Bless you guys, Cya next time.

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