How to Deploy Blazor WebAssembly to Firebase Hosting

With ASP.NET Blazor WebAssembly you can create .NET applications that run completely inside of the browser. The output of a Blazor WASM project are all static files. You can deploy these applications to various static site hosts like Firebase Hosting. This video will show you how to:
– Create a Blazor WASM project
– Create a GitHub repository
– Deploy to Firebase Hosting from the CLI
– Automatically deploy to Firebase Hosting using GitHub Actions

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9 thoughts on “How to Deploy Blazor WebAssembly to Firebase Hosting

  1. Hi, first o fall, thanks for this great tutorial !
    Unfortunately, I've encoutered some problems. I've tried to do the same exact things you do in your tutorial, except for the github configuration. But when I deploy or only hosting after my build, I've always the page you have at 9:24 and I don't understand why…
    Could you give me some help please ? What I've missed ?

  2. This was an awesome tutorial. But I ran into an issue. I created a Blazor project which has 3 projects (client, server and shared). I should be publishing the client project right ? I guess it is correct and proceeded. I was able to make github actions to work and the changes are moved to the live website on commit. But in the live website, when I click on the 'Fetch Data' option, I get error in console –

    'crit: Microsoft.AspNetCore.Components.WebAssembly.Rendering.WebAssemblyRenderer[100]
    Unhandled exception rendering component: ExpectedStartOfValueNotFound, < Path: $ | LineNumber: 0 | BytePositionInLine: 0.
    System.Text.Json.JsonException: ExpectedStartOfValueNotFound,'…………………….

    On checking for answers online, it was mentioned that the server project should be setup as startup project. Is there anything I should here in the github action setup ? Kindly help me out here.

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